Hummingbird Ranch
18 Hummingbird Way, Staatsburg, NY  12580
Proprietor: Rich Focht  845 266-0084
Bee Pollen 6oz
Honey 1 Lb Wildflower
Honey 1Lb Clover
Honey 1 Pint Raw Wildflower
Honey 1 Pint VERY Raw Honey
Honey Dipper
1 lb Buckwheat
1 lb Linden Honey
2 lb Buckwheat honey
Honey 2lb Wilflower
Honey 2 lb Clover
Honey 1 Pint Hive Mix
Honey 1 Pint Clover
Honey 1 Pint Buckwheat
Raw Honey is Honey that has not been heated.  The Nutrition  
and beneficial live enzymes in Honey are affected by heat. The
more you heat the less nutrition and enzymes.
Raw honey will crystalize faster and give a solid appearance.
You can heat and bring back to liquid but you will loose some
nutrition and enzymes.
Very Raw Honey is our wildflower
honey with the wax cappings from
the comb mixed in, including some
little bits of propolis
Hive Mix is our SUPER HONEY. We take our Wildflower Honey and
mix in propolis, (a natural antibiotic made by the bees), extra Bee
Pollen,(contains many  vitamins and Amino acids, gives strength
and stamina, and  Royal Jelly (made by the bees and fed only to
the Queen, She lives 6 years, bees without royal jelly live 6 weeks.)
Honey 2 lb Linden
The Original Chewing gum. a chunk of honey
comb weighing 1 full pound. Cut off a chunk and
eat it all or chew all the honey from the wax.
Either way this is a real treat
Bee pollen has most vitamins and many amino
acids. It provides strength and stamina and
strengthens your immune  system. Local pollen
will help with pollen allergies in the same way
that an allergy shot will.
Honey Comb Rectangular 1 lb